2011 CIT Holiday Greetings

The goal of the CIT holiday ecard is to thank CIT’s customers and partners for working with them in 2011 and offer well wishes
for the upcoming year.

The tone should be optimistic, friendly, and work appropriate. The card should evoke a holiday message independent of religious affiliation or geographic location. Offer an experience that helps CIT employees connect with their contacts and compels the recipient to pass it along to their contacts creating additional positive brand impressions. The execution should be viewable on iPad / iPhone. (i.e. No Flash)

When we think about the holidays, we think about the joy of sending and receiving gifts from friends and family. So with this in mind, why not create a simple message made of gifts to help CIT employees connect with their contacts?

A stop motion video of gifts coming together to form various holiday messages.

English Version:

International Version:

Non-CIT Version:


Behind the scene:

Tam Cao: Concepting, Design, Animation, Direction
Stefan Sokal: Motion Graphics
Joel Edwards: Sound Designer
Kristen Iskandrian: Copywriter
Emily Rickerson: Project Manager